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Playing for Keeps - Injury Prevention for Musicians



​Injury rates among musicians are epidemic and definitely preventable. This 50-70 min. presentation covers the following topics: scope of the problem, common injuries, causes, solutions and tools for prevention - everything NASM wants schools to cover.  It can be presented for instrumentalists alone, or instrumentalists and singers.

The presentation provides the participants with strategies for injury prevention based on the latest scientific research.


Covered Topics:

  • what are the most common injuries?

  • what causes or contributes to injuries?

  • best injury prevention techniques

  • hearing damage facts and prevention info

  • great apps for data driven & efficient practice

  • discussion & QA

  • take home handouts + pdf language for the school files

Musicians practicing


  • Package includes:50, 60, or 75 min presentation, depending on client needs.

  • PDF handout and electronic copy for student handbook

  • Poster campaign PDF file for awareness around school

COST: $500

what students are saying 

"It had a treasure trove of valuable information. The presentation as a whole is really motivating"

"Great! Very informative on what I was doing wrong. This was very helpful on how I can use my limited time!"

"♡ it and ♡ you - it was great. Having the stats  gave me a whole new perspective"

Empowerment, Efficiency and Joy: Practicing with Apps

IOS apps can be transformative making practice more data driven, efficient, healthy and fun. This workshop is geared towards students for all instruments.  Interactive, hands-on workshop with students with iPad and iPhone. 

Interactive demo of the five hottest apps for transformative practice sessions:

  • Sports Apps

  • Tuners

  • Rhythm Apps

  • Virtual Mirrors

  • and more

Practicing Violinists with iPad

COST: $200

Workshop Clients

"What an excellent presentation!  Informative, useful, and really interesting"

VCUarts    East Carolina University

Ball State University      Wintergreen Academy


American String Teachers National Conference

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